Namibia boasts a large world of reptiles. Herpetological trips to Namibia concentrate on the Namib Desert as this is where there is a high density of endemism. There are several species endemic to Namibia, of which 70% occur in the arid west part of the country. The arid landscapes are more open which makes it a lot easier to find the adopted reptiles.

There are many snake species that occur in Southern Africa. These are mainly found in large numbers towards the eastern parts of Namibia and include the Black Mamba (Dendroaspis polylepis), Puff Adder (Bitis arietans) and the African Rock Python (Python sebae) to mention a few. Specific species such as the Namib Sand Snake (Psammophis namibensis), Namib Dune Adder (Bitis peringueyi), Namib Wolf Snake (Lycophidion namibianum) and Western Keeled Snake (Pythonodipsas carinata) can only be found in the Namib Desert.

Various species of Geckos or Pachydactylus can also be found here, such as the Namib Web-footed Gecko (Pachydactylus rangei), Marais Gecko (Pachydactylus maraisi) and the Brandberg Gecko (Pachydactylus gaiasensis).

There are also many species of lizard within the Namib which are endemic. These include the Shovel-Snouted Lizard (Meroles anchietae) and the Reticulated Desert Lizard (Meroles reticulates).